Parkway General Surgeons: One Practice’s Approach to HIPAA Compliance

Posted by Digital Manager on Fri, Jun 19, 2015 @ 02:17 PM

Building and Maintaining a Strong HIPAA Compliance Program

In healthcare today, safeguarding your patients’ data is critically important, so organizations must build and maintain a strong HIPAA compliance program to protect patient privacy and avoid potential data breaches or financial penalties.

The Approach: Be Proactive 

In this recent HealthITSecurity article "How Parkway Works Toward HIPAA Compliance," Stericycle customers, Kelly Goode and Kara Chitwood who lead HIPAA compliance efforts at Parkway General Surgeons, discuss their organization’s approach to creating a proactive and comprehensive HIPAA program.


Laying a Strong Foundation

From complying with HIPAA regulations to preparing for potential audits, Goode and Chitwood say that laying a strong foundation is key to HIPAA compliance success. “Making a policy for everything” is the organization’s Golden Rule—something they do proactively to ensure patient data is protected.

Partnering to Bolster Your HIPAA Compliance

By partnering with Stericycle, Parkway General Surgeons was able to bolster its HIPAA compliance efforts while adapting policies and security processes to specific office needs. This was backed up with comprehensive staff training to ensure everyone at the office is advised of policy and procedures and educated on HIPAA regulations and their personal responsibility to protect patient privacy and safeguard all protected health information.

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