Is Your Current HIPAA Training Inspiring the Necessary Aha Moments?

Posted by Digital Manager on Wed, Jun 04, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

Teaching your staff about current rules and regulations for privacy and security under the new HIPAA Omnibus regulations is critical to helping prevent health information breaches. But is your current HIPAA training inspiring the necessary aha moments?   

Here’s what one EMR Administrator/Privacy Officer said after her clinic’s first on-site HIPAA training presented by a Stericycle HIPAA Compliance Specialist: “This was a real eye-opener for our entire staff.”


“We understood the basic principles of HIPAA and the importance of privacy practices; however, this in-depth training exposed common practices that have caused costly HIPAA breaches in private practices like ours. These real-world examples – the consequences and penalties – generated valuable discussion.

This training has had a profound impact. There has been heightened awareness and consideration for HIPAA compliance among the staff since our meeting.”   

Steri•Safesm HIPAA Compliance Training Is a Valued Resource in the REAL WORLD. 

Since employee mistakes like sending paper documents or emails to the wrong person, intentional “snooping” in medical records, and physical theft/loss are daily challenges for HIPAA covered entities, Stericycle never shies from devoting sufficient time and attention to these educational issues.                

Our all-in-one HIPAA solution addresses your ongoing needs for HIPAA training by helping all workforce members—including management—put basic security and privacy concepts into meaningful context. We reinforce every workforce members’ role in protecting patient data by sparking discussions about personal responsibility in complying with the rights of patients while always applying due care and diligence to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information. 

Ready for Your Own Aha Moment?

Join the thousands of satisfied customers receiving Stericycle’s Preferred Level on-site educational experience and watch your staff experience those powerful, personal aha moments as a dedicated Steri•Safesm  HIPAA Compliance Specialist delivers your next HIPAA training. It’s an education—and so much more.    

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