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Posted by Selin Hoboy on Mon, Aug 26, 2013 @ 08:19 AM

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Our Steri-Safe OSHA compliance members in the Steri-Safe Preferred Program offered these 8 reasons why they prefer the Steri-Safe Preferred level program.


1. It’s reassuring.

Kudos to our dedicated Occupational Safety Specialists! Customers offer tremendous praise for them. Not only for the quality of the personalized annual bloodborne pathogens training and the annual onsite safety evaluation, but also for the Stericycle specialists’ ability to provide answers to OSHA questions year-round. It’s a comfort for Preferred program members to know that an Occupational Safety Specialist is working collaboratively with them.

2. It’s thorough.

The annual site visit includes required annual bloodborne pathogens training AND an onsite mock OSHA evaluation. By the end of the visit, the easy-to-understand safety checklist identifies the areas of noncompliance for the facility. This action-oriented checklist makes it easier for Preferred members to bring their facilities into compliance with federal regulations —and to protect their employees.

3. It’s a relief.

Knowing a real, live person is dedicated to provide annual training AND is available to answer questions through phone or email is a great comfort to our Steri-Safe Preferred members. Stericycle Specialists work to update the training and programs as new regulations are established or old ones change, so customers don’t have to figure out what’s new or out-dated.

4. It’s collaborative.

Strong customer partnerships develop between our Stericycle Specialists and our Preferred members. These customers appreciate having an advocate who helps them protect their facility and their employees.

5. It’s hassle-free.

Stericycle Preferred members love our online compliance innovations, which are simple, customer friendly, and time efficient. For example, we offer a fully-automated and printable industry- and state-specific Safety Plan Builder. This proprietary Safety Plan Builder tool includes the 4 key safety plans: exposure control, hazard communication, safety and health, and emergency preparedness. Plus, customers in California appreciate the aerosol transmissible diseases resources for planning and training, which are required in their state. Our customers know that Stericycle has the best and most comprehensive tools in the industry.

6. It’s guaranteed.

Security and trust mean a lot to our customers, and Stericycle Preferred members enjoy the assurance of a No Fine. No Fail. guarantee as related to bloodborne pathogens and medical waste disposal. If a government official from OSHA arrives at their facility for an inspection, they love the security and support the Stericycle guarantee offers.

7. It’s professional.

Although not unique to our Steri-Safe Preferred Program customers, all Steri-Safe compliance customers receive the same regulatory expertise for regulated medical waste disposal as other Stericycle customers. Whether Steri-Safe Preferred Program customers dispose of sharps, “soft” medical waste, and/or pharmaceuticals, they tell us they appreciate our trusted Stericycle drivers and our flexible pick-up scheduling.

8. It’s time-saving.

Let’s face it. OSHA compliance and medical waste disposal aren’t our customers’ only pressing priorities. But they want to keep their people safe — especially from the risk of bloodborne pathogens. Our personalized annual visits and our online compliance innovations free up time for Preferred program members. Stericycle Preferred Program members value the ability to spend more time with their patients, clients, or customers, while maintaining safety and compliance. 

Get help identifying and fulfilling your OSHA requirements, and learn how you can start a collaborative relationship with an Occupational Safety Specialist in your area.

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