Selecting, Evaluating, and Using Sharps Disposal Containers

Posted by Selin Hoboy on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:30 AM

In today’s healthcare environment, safety trumps all. As a healthcare provider, you’re well aware of the risks associated with accidental needlesticks and other sharps injuries, specifically as it relates to sharps disposal. Additionally, other people are also at risk if the sharps disposal system used by your facility does not provide adequate protection from a casual contact by a visitor, downstream worker, or other non-caregiver.

Sharps Disposal at Your Facility

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4 Things You Should Know About Stericycle Communication Solutions

Posted by Nancy Burgess on Wed, Jan 29, 2014 @ 09:52 AM

1. Our Communication Solutions Are About Protecting People and Brands, Too

Stericycle offers customized, critical communication services in addition to healthcare compliance solutions and recall brand protection services. Different services, same magnitude of positive impact on your organization. The bottom line: Stericycle is in the business of protecting people and brands.

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5 Questions to Ask About Legal Pharmaceutical Disposal

Posted by Selin Hoboy on Fri, Jan 24, 2014 @ 08:35 AM

Properly disposing of pharmaceutical waste is the law!

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Keep Your Team Safe in 2014: OSHA Compliance and More

Posted by Selin Hoboy on Tue, Jan 14, 2014 @ 03:32 PM

Ensure your facility complies with OSHA deadlines and regulations.

These 18 action items for annual OSHA (or other regulatory agency) requirements affect most healthcare facilities, including medical practices, dental offices, and community providers.

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5 Critical HIPAA Learnings From 2013's Most Significant Breaches

Posted by Digital Manager on Tue, Jan 07, 2014 @ 09:21 AM

What can we learn from healthcare’s most significant breaches of 2013?

Reading’s article on the largest and most unusual data breaches of 2013, my head was shaking—not in disbelief, but with an affirmative bobblehead nod. Yes. The all too common trend in data breaches is the theft of unencrypted devices. Yep. There will always be people who steal, snoop and misuse patient information. Yeah. Every one of these companies is glad that 2013 is over because a solitary breach made it a long, painful year.   

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