Achieving Healthcare Compliance With a Strategic Perspective

Posted by Richard Best on Sun, Jul 12, 2015 @ 06:30 PM



“Compliance” is a pretty broad term—especially in the healthcare space. Noncompliance can have a major impact on smaller practices, with indirect and direct costs putting practices at risk. These fines and penalties threaten long-term viability, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars depending on the scope and regulation.

In this recent Healthcare Finance News How to Achieve Compliance With a Strategic Perspective, Richard Best, Stericycle Technical Director/Corporate Director of OSHA Compliance, discusses the benefits of taking a strategic and overarching approach to healthcare compliance to make sure your practice is protected and poised for long-term growth.

Especially from an operational standpoint, making sure your practice is compliant with regulations including those for OSHA and HIPAA, as well as EPA standards and guidelines, is key to keeping your patients, staff and environment safe.

This can be difficult for smaller organizations, but leveraging resources, such as training and expertise, and making sure your leadership team is on board can help you prioritize these regulations and build a successful compliance program.

See how Stericycle can support your organization’s healthcare compliance efforts with these Steri-Safe Compliance Solutions:

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